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Manno Monster

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Manno Monster
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Manno Monster is a game about monster-parties. Several of such parties have been planned, but only certain monsters have been invited!

There are two times three types of monsters in the game (fat vs thin, red vs blue vs yellow). Each player receives fifteen tiles. Each tile shows a monster on one side, and another monster on the other side (each possible duo of six monster types once). Each round, a card is drawn, that graphically shows which monsters have been invited to the party, such as: "exactly two large red monsters", "at least one small blue monster". In higher difficulty levels the tasks are fuzzier, such as "more yellow monsters than red monsters" or "just as many blue as fat monsters".

After revealing a card with the task description, all players attempt to flip their tiles in real time, so that the invited monsters are shown. The first player that succeeds in doing so collects the most valuable diamond. Other players can still score, too, if they manage to complete the task within the alotted time, started by the first player who (thinks he) fulfilled the task.
After nine rounds, the player who collected best-scored diamonds is declared the winner.

The game comes with six difficulty levels, each level having 18 tasks on the cards.

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