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Malign Portens Collection

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Malign Portens Collection

Shifting the mortal realms – and Warhammer Age of Sigmar itself – into a new, darker gear, Malign Portents is full to the brim with great new content. With this bundle., you’ll receive a copy of of the book, along with themed cards and dice to use in games. Included:

Malign Portents

This 80-page book contains background and rules which catapult the mortal realms into a time of grim uncertainty, as Nagash begins an aeons-long grand plan to assert his power over the dead, spreading the necrotic influence of Shyish over every realm. It also includes the Malign Portents themselves: 6 dark omens caused by the cataclysmic nature of Nagash’s grand undertaking that befall heroes in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, each omen itself consisting of 6 effects that can aid them by using Prophecy Points in their battles – with bonuses for using Harbingers, the 4 new characters introduced in the book, along with Battleplans, Pitched Battle profiles and rules for Skirmishes.

Malign Portents Dice

This is a set of 20 6-sided 16mm dice, designed with a smoky gem effect that recalls the grave-sand collected by Nagash’s hordes, setting in motion the cataclysmic events of Malign Portents. Each features a skull in place of the 1 and a Malign Portents icon in the place of the 6.

Malign Portents Cards

80 handy reference cards, keeping track of Prophecy Points and special rules:

- 6 sets of 6 cards, containing rules for each of the following Guiding Malign Portents: the Falling Star, the Bloodied Skull, the Black Void, the Balemoon, the Writhing Serpent and the Red Mist;
- 4 sets of 6 cards, containing rules for Guiding Malign Portents for each of the following Harbingers: the Darkoath Warqueen, the Lord-Ordinator, the Knight of Shrouds, and the Fungoid Cave-Shaman;
- 20 Prophecy Point cards.

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