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Malifaux M2E Starter Set

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Malifaux M2E Starter Set

The forces of the mysterious Angel Eyes clash against the Guilds' diabolical Dr. Grimwell in this great new set from Wyrd Miniatures.

The perfect way to introduce yourself into the World and game play of Malifaux is with the Malifaux 2nd Edition Starter box Set. This great little set includes everything you and a friend needs to learn and start playing Malifaux all in one box. Each side has a henchmen that leads 3 other members in their gang, to learn and practice the basic rules with. Although all the miniatures are faction based, they all have the mercenary rule allowing you to add them to any gang you wish once you have mastered the game. This means this set is also great for existing Malifaux players as it provide great new miniatures to their Guild and Neverborn collections as well.

Box set includes:

  • 2 x Crews (8 models)
  • 8 Stat Cards
  • 2 Upgrade Cards
  • 2 Quick Reference Cards
  • Quick Start Booklet
  • Free Digital Rules Manual
  • 2 Fate Decks
  • 2 Measuring Tapes

Please note: Miniatures come unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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