Magic The Gathering Challenger Decks 2021

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Battle ready, with the power to play straight out of the box, these four 60-card decks with a 15-card sideboard will have you ready to compete and win.

  • AZORIUS CONTROL: Start off by negating your opponent's resources through counterspells and removal. Then, when they last expect it, finish the job with a flock of fearsome flying creatures.
  • DIMIR ROGUES: Sneak and destroy! Load up your opponent's graveyard to activate your rogues' special abilities, and then go for the throat with powerful legends.
  • MONO RED AGGRO: Feel the power of red by using burn spells to keep your opponent off-balance. Next? Overwhelm then with a steady stream of fierce and fiery friends.
  • MONO GREEN STOMPY: Who's the beatdown? You are. Stomp your opponent with a barrage of beefy creatures ready ro fight anyone or anything that gets in your way.

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