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Lynx RPG Potion Dice & Tokens

Lynx RPG Potion Dice & Tokens

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EASILY KEEP TRACK OFF YOUR HEALING POTIONS: Gone are the days of forgetting to use your healing potions in critical moments! With our 15 Healing Potion Tokens you & your fellow players will always be visually reminded of exactly how many of each type of healing potions you have!

ROLL EASY & FAST: No more counting and looking for the exact number of dice you need! Each type of healing potion token has a color matching set of dices so just pick them up and roll!

ALL INCLUDED: Each level of potion will have exactly how many dices you need to roll for it in a matching color. Our set contains 15 Potions Tokens & 24 Dices! (6 Potions Of Healing Tokens [with two D4] + 4 Potions of Greater Healing [with four D4] + 3 Potions of Superior Healing [with Eight D4] + 2 Potions of Supreme Healing [with Ten D4])

USE AS PLAYER OR DM: Works great for both players to track and roll for your own potions and for dungeons masters to hand out during sessions. Reduces writing and erasing potion numbers and keeps your mind in the game.

UNIQUE & HQ DESIGN: Our potions and dices were custom designed and produced by us to look amazing, transparent, be compact to carry around and guarantee the best quality
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