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Herve Caillé

L'Art De La Guerre. V.4

L'Art De La Guerre. V.4

Loppu varastossa, tilattavissa

Normaalihinta €36.90
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €36.90
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L’Art de la Guerre allows you to play battles between all of the armies from early antiquity to the late Middle Ages quickly and easily. You can play with miniatures of any scale from 6 mm to 28 mm. The basing system is compatible with the majority of existing rulesets.

This fully revised new edition contains all you need to quickly get started playing the game. Players can easily build armies drawn from any of the 300 army lists included here. Everything is in this one book, there is no need to purchase additional supplements.

L'Art de la Guerre's flexible system allows players to play standard sized games in just a couple of hours using relatively few figures, as well as much larger games with a multitude of miniatures on a large table, taking a whole evening to play.

There is a dedicated website supporting l’Art de la Guerre. There you'll find playing aids, game advice, an international ranking and tournament system and an active global forum where players can share their passion.

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