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Lamentations Of The Flame Princess

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Fish Fuckers

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Fish Fuckers

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How Deep Is Your Love?

Devon, 1635, and the once-moribund fishing village of Innsmouth is seeing something of a reneissance. Fish is being sold once again and rumour has it that the villagers have found a source of gold; but what brought about this drastic change of fortune?

Oh, let's be honest, the cover and title probably answers the question, but FISH FUCKERS dares to ask - in a totally non-pretentious way - the more salient question: who are the real monsters?

FISH FUCKERS is written and drawn by Kelvin Green, who also did FORGIVE US, which is the other one with the black and white cover, and drew DEATH LOVE DOOM, SLÜGS!, THE SQUID, THE CABAL AND THE OLD MAN, and THULIAN ECHOES.

FISH FUCKERS is an adventure for low-level characters, for use with LAMENTATIONS OF THE FLAME PRICNESS WEIRD FANTASY ROLEPLAYING and other traditional role-playing games.

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