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Korg - A Solo TTRPG Experience

Korg - A Solo TTRPG Experience

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Gold, Gore, and Glory

In a world where people endlessly toil in fields and quarries, one soul treads a dangerous path in search of a mythical goal; retirement.

Korg is a solo rpg that fits on a business card! Similar to Mörk Borg’s Dark Fort, you must seek gold to improve your equipment while slowly collecting enough riches to live a life of luxury!

A Solo RPG Experience

I love TTRPGs and simply can’t get a group together every night of the week (in spite of my best efforts). To accommodate my addiction for dungeon delving and dice, I’ve forged a rules-light game that fits on a business card (yes really)!

There are traps, monsters, and a variety of equipment to advance your character! As long as you have a d6 and some scratch paper, you can play anywhere.

It was important to me to make sure Korg is the size of a business card so that I could store it in my wallet. I never know when I’ll be stuck somewhere with some time to burn and the itch to roll some dice.

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How does it work?!

Besides the game you will need a D6, pencil, and paper. Digital dice and a simple note keeping app can easily replace the more traditional tools if you prefer.

The game is condensed to a series of choices and dice rolls. You may choose to either Explore the ruins to slay dangerous foes and acquire gold (GP), or Shop to to buy life-saving equipment.

The rules are simple, which make Korg a great introduction to new players who might not be as saturated in the gaming world. It also makes it easy to pause, store, and continue later.

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