Deadland: dime novels osat 2,3 ja 9 (KÄYTETTY)

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Another of our Dime Novels that sold out in its first year is Matt Forbeck's Origins Award winning Independence Day.

Ronan and crew are hired by none other than Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson to keep the law in Dodge City on the Fourth of July. Angry Rebels and drunken mobs aren't the worst of the deputies' problems, however: the Butcher has come to town!


Our undead gunslinger's next adventure finds him in the town of Varney Flats just as the ominious Night Train rolls into town. This super-deadly adventure even includes a bonus scenario for our Weird Western miniatures battle game: Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars.

This Dime Novel is our most famous ever, and launched the writing career of John "Total Party Kill" Goff. Survive this one and you've got some serious bragging rights, amigo!


This Dime Novel follows our undead hero Ronan Lynch as he encounters a horror that wants to skin him alive-um, dead!

Join the crew on a haunted Mississippi riverboat where the villains truly get under your skin!