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Godtear Luella, The Raging Storm & Shield Maidens

Godtear Luella, The Raging Storm & Shield Maidens

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Ride the lightning with Luella, the Raging Storm.

Like a mighty storm, Luella engulfs her enemies in a whirlwind of flashing steel and thunderous fury. Take cover, for she and her Shieldmaidens charge into battle without a backward glance.

Inside this box is everything you need to add the Maelstrom champion Luella, the Raging Storm, to your Godtear warband. Use this expansion with any Godtear starter set.

  • 1 Luella Miniature
  • 3 Shield Maiden Miniatures
  • 1 Luella’s Banner Miniature
  • 3 Profile Cards

No assembly needed! Godtear is an out-of-the-box experience.
All minis are preassembled and coloured according to their champion class. In Luella's case, yellow for a Maelstrom champion.