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Wizards Of The Coast

Dungeons & Dragons RPG Campaign Case: Creatures

Dungeons & Dragons RPG Campaign Case: Creatures

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Normaalihinta €65.50
Normaalihinta €65.50 Alennushinta €65.50
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This campaign case equips the Dungeon Master with a large set of customizable creature tokens that will complement any D&D adventure or home brew campaign. The high-quality creature discs and broad selection of reusable creature clings makes this kit ready for any encounter. It's also the perfect companion to Campaign Case: Terrain. Use these Campaign Cases together to create a premium experience for all your adventures.


- 64 weighted plastic discs that come in 3 sizes and 4 colors for maximum flexibility in encounter creation (40 medium sized creature tokens, 20 large sized creature tokens, 4 huge sized creature tokens)
- 5 sheets of fully illustrated reusable creature clings-simply apply a cling to a disc to create customized Creature Tokens ready for any encounter
- 2 removable custom token storage trays
- 1 storage folder for creature clings
- 1 durable storage case with a magnetic closure and a rope handle designed to take your adventure on the road
- 1 outer box with all-new art that protects the keepsake box
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