Darkest Dice

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Brothers and Sisters, the time is nigh!  As the maelstrom of the CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS continues its relentless attack on our companionship, creativity, and general well-being, YOU have been conscripted to FIGHT BACK!

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R.I.P. Black Leaf

I used to be an ice cream man.  One summer, a guy gave me a Jack Chick religious tract as a tip.  I was struck by its format and horrified by its message:  just by rolling the dice, I was opening the doorway to Satanic mind-control and dark magic.  Despite best efforts when rolling said dice, I received no special powers.  What I did get was a group of awesome friends sitting around a table weaving tales of adventure and camaraderie.  Every person deserves that experience- especially these days.

Darkest Dice is a project to spread the magic of role playing games and get people together as inclusive, supportive communities to roll dice, tell stories, and have good times.

Darkest Dice Art by Brad McDevitt

What is Darkest Dice?

Darkest Dice is a pocket -sized  basic RPG rule set based on the OGL.  It is designed in an aesthetic similar to those infamous (hateful) religious tracts that pop up everywhere (around 23 pages in a 5 x 2.75 in. format). 

We are sowing the seeds of fantastic fun to make the world just a bit cooler.