Core Set 2020 Planeswalkers Decks

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Each Planeswalkers deck includes:

  • Deck Box
  • 60-card deck - play tabletop or online! (redeem the code inside to unlock your deck in Magic: The Gathering Arena)
  • One 15-card booster pack

Ajani, Inspiring Leader

Ajani is renowned for his courage and compassion in equal measures. Gain life faster than your opponents can take it away, then turn the tide as soon as they run out of gas.

Chandra, Flame's Fury

No matter who she's fighting, Chandra definitely has a favorite tool: fire! Blaze away your opponent's life total and swarm them with creatures before they can recover.

Mu Yanling, Celestial Wind

Mu Yanling relies on her quick wits and elemental magic to travel safely through strange, dangerous worlds. Disrupt your opponents with spells as your creatures fly over their defenses.

Sorin, Vampire Lord

Sorin Markov is the lord of a proud, ancient lineage of vampire aristocrats. Gather an army of loyal vampires to drain the life from your opponents.

Vivien, Nature's Avenger

Vivien is a friend to the wild beasts of every world she visits. Call larger and larger creatures to your side as the game goes on, and power them up with spells to make sure they dominate the battlefield.