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Colorshift Metal Psychotic Illusions

Colorshift Metal Psychotic Illusions

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GSW's Metal Color series brings the striking shine of metal to its collection of high quality acrylic paints.

Developed with the finest possible pigments, these carefully crafted colors offer a crisp and highly defined metallic effect for the best results. Furthermore, their ultrahigh coverage power and rapid drying make them comfortable to use.

Water-based and non-toxic, these colours have been optimised for both brush and airbrush. For best airbrush results, we recommend 1:1 dilution with acrylic thinner.

Each bottle includes a stainless steel ball for a faster and homogenous mixture.

1x 17ml of acrylic metallic colour with ultrafine pigments. Non-toxic waterbased paint. Non-flammable. No latex.

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