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Exalted Funeral

Codex R

Codex R

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Codex R is a kaleidoscopic excursion in space-time, cataloging headless farmers, party deities, apocalyptic critters, bad hair days and totalitarian practices.

Trade celebrity skins with collectors! Meet a friendly ambulatory building! Joust with carnivorous gastropods! Help lost souls find the best afterlife!

Compatible with Troika! but fitting as inspiration for any fantasy game.


  • 46 entries with full color illustrations
  • An illustrated dungeon
  • Table of events and adventure seeds

Written by Roque Romero & Eric K. Hill Illustrated by Roque Romero Edited by Jarrett Crader Layout by Eric K. Hill

56 pages, A5, saddle stitched, color cover and interiors Includes PDF. 

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