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Chthonian Highways Alpha Playtest Kit

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Chthonian Highways Alpha Playtest Kit

Nightmarish creatures have ravaged the Earth as otherworldly landscapes have merged with ours. Strange, dreadful beings prowl in the shadows. The remnants of mankind are held together by the Chthonian highways - a web of dangerous roads still traversable if you are fast and brave enough.

Become a dauntless Road warrior roaming the cursed highways with souped-up gas guzzlers and loud custom motorcycles. And fight the horrors as long as the gasoline keeps the engines roaring.

This alpha release contains:

  • Over 60 pages of total mayhem
  • Fully playable and tested Core Engine
  • Advanced rules for Cars, Combat and Horror
  • The rules for character creation
  • Ready-to-play adventure (pre-generated character seeds available online at

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