Captain Steed With Rider

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Body_Saddle (repaired).stl - 71.01mm x 50.12mm x 42.70mm
Head_Armoured (repaired).stl - 57.83mm x 35.74mm x 19.05mm
Reigns (repaired).stl - 48.57mm x 60.97mm x 8.27mm
Rider (repaired).stl - 52.75mm x 24.97mm x 54.53mm
Rock_L_Claw_Armoured (repaired).stl - 85.70mm x 81.31mm x 40.09mm
Rock_R_Claw_Armour (repaired).stl - 88.25mm x 69.50mm x 40.61mm
Rock_Tail_Armoured (repaired).stl - 130.25mm x 77.09mm x 44.44mm
Wing_L_Lower (repaired).stl - 86.77mm x 85.63mm x 54.25mm
Wing_L_Upper (repaired).stl - 138.01mm x 77.88mm x 47.65mm
Wing_R_Lower (repaired).stl - 109.02mm x 92.83mm x 53.88mm
Wing_R_Upper (repaired).stl - 148.85mm x 63.30mm x 47.01mm

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