Cappy, Devil Dog

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Cappy the Devil Dog Saved a Group of Marines

One night, a Doberman sentry named Cappy was standing guard over 250 sleeping Marines when he detected the presence of the Japanese. In fact, an enormous force of Japanese troops was advancing on the unsuspecting camp when Cappy alerted his men. The heroic action of Cappy saved the lives of 250 men, but Cappy was injured in the ensuing battle, as was his handler, PFC Allen Jacobson. Jacobson himself refused to leave the battle or be treated for his injuries until Cappy had been evacuated. Sadly, Cappy later succumbed to his injuries, making him the first Devil Dog to be killed in battle during the fighting in Guam. He wasn’t the last. Sixty war dogs were deployed to Guam and twenty-five of them died in action. Twenty more suffered injuries.