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Dead Man's Hand Butch & Sundance

Dead Man's Hand Butch & Sundance

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Normaalihinta €9.90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €9.90 EUR
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
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 Comes with bases and rules card. Metal miniatures, supplied unpainted.

Butch and Sundance are two of the most notorious bandits in the West. Their Wild Bunch gang has been one of the most
infamous gangs operating out of the Hole in the Wall. They have tried their hands at many a venture, bank and train robbers
without equal they have crossed paths with many a lawman and are the scourge of the Pinkerton Detectives. It is said that
they are travelling to South America in an effort to shake the law from their trail. What brought them to Dead Man’s Hand is
a puzzle, what they want now they’re here even more of a mystery.

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