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Blightburg is a player driven game of intrigue and character drama set in a grim Renaissance era city. The dramatic intrigue is spiced with occasional action, witches and Faustian pacts with demons. The characters range from shifty lowlifes and zealous fanatics to powerful but flawed individuals involved in complex schemes. As a TV series analogy, think of it as a mash-up of Game of Thrones and Salem in the Renaissance period.


  • Player driven gameplay fueled by the characters' three beliefs

  • A lifepath based character creation system

  • A set of basic and lifepath moves optimized for intrigue play

  • Mechanics that allow the players in the audience to explore the characters in the scene

  • Opposing character traits whose relative strengths are explored during play

  • A tight set of witchcraft moves to empower characters lacking other means of influence

  • A step-by-step situation creation procedure that involves the whole group

  • Clear prep and kickoff instructions for the GM

Your object in all of this is to find out who the player characters are deep down inside.


Best with 3-4 players, a game master and a campaign of 5-10 sessions. Print the play aids, follow the procedure to build your web of conflict, create the characters and start exploring them!


You can check the character sheet, move reference, Devil's seat play aid and situation & character creation references for free on the game's website.