Black Library Novella Series 2

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Ten fantastic tales from the worlds of Warhammer to read and collect. Explore a variety of stories by authors old and new, from Mordian Iron Guard defending a medical camp and a desperate adventure in the Blackstone Fortress, to drama in the Bloodwind Spoil and heroism (of a sort) in the underhive.

Collect a new series of ten epic novellas, telling tales from the 41st Millennium, the Mortal Realms and Necromunda, in a paperback set designed to look great on your shelf as well as delivering top reads!

From the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, where the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Bloody Rose ally with the Inquisition to hunt a witch, to the darkest reaches of the Mortal Realms, in which the Iron Golem battle treachery in the Bloodwind Spoil, this collection of ten novellas explores the Warhammer universes in a series of exciting and action-packed stories. The Mordian Iron Guard, explorers in the Blackstone Fortress, a rebellious Kharadron Overlords admiral and even heroes of the necrons will thrill you with their adventures. You'll also take an excursion in the underhive of Necromunda with a larger-than-life adventurer, discover how a Primaris Space Marine Chapter fights and visit a city of the dead. There's also a Warhammer Horror tale by Graham McNeill that delves into the dark side of books…

This collection includes ten paperback novellas comprising the complete Black Library Novella Series 2.

Iron Resolve by Mark Clapham
Wreck and Ruin by Danie Ware
Isha's Lament by Thomas Parrott
Severed by Nate Crowley
Lords of the Storm by Edoardo Albert
Code of the Skies by Graeme Lyon
The Measure of Iron by Jamie Crisalli
Thieves' Paradise by Nick Horth
Low Lives by Denny Flowers
The Colonel's Monograph by Graham McNeill