Barbarians Of The Aftermath

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Barbarians of the Aftermath is a setting expansion for the Barbarians of Lemuria RPG, although fans of Post-Apocalyptic fiction will find a good deal that is useful for other systems as well.

With this book you can create any Post-Apocalyptic setting you can imagine; a realistic near future aftermath, a setting filled with all manner of science fantasy weirdness or anything in between, upside down or sideways.

From Alien Invasion to Zombie Apocalypse, BotA will provide you with an A-Z of rules designed to help you simulate any future fantasy environment.

Within this tome you will find: 
· Setting Generation Rules 
· New Careers and Genotypes for a wide variety of odd beings. 
· New rules for Archeotech: the Treasure of the Ancients, Firearms, Mutations, Nanozones, Radiation and Psychic Powers 
· Abstract and simple vehicle rules that can handle dozens of vehicles without a ton of minis or book-keeping. 
· Extensive Gear Lists covering everything from the stone age to the far future.

Size: Hardcover Book, 176pp, 8.5" x 11" 
Interior Art: Full colour 
Author: Nathaniel Torson