Anime 5E RPG Core Rules

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Welcome to Anime 5E - the fantasy role-playing game for all your anime and manga adventures, which builds upon the Fifth Edition rules of the world's most popular storytelling game. Mark MacKinnon, brings a point-based balance to the standard Fifth Edition offerings - and then layers a wide selection of new Races, Classes, Skills, features, powers, game mechanics, and combat options on top of this foundation. Anime 5E is the beginning of a jouney, so hold on tight as we welcome you to your next great fantasy adventure!

Dyskami Publishing Company is a tabletop game designer and publisher headquartered in Quelph, Ontario, Canada. Dyskami's founder and award-winning game designer, Mark MacKinnon, serves as the lead designer for the Anime 5E line.

Anime 5E RPG Core rules

Published under the Open Game Lisence, this single Anime 5E core role-playing game book contains everything you need to start creating and playing anime and manga RPG adventures. It works as an excellent expansion and companion to other Fifth Edition books as well, offering a unique perspective on traditional fantasy tabletop gaming. Whether you run with Anime 5E by itself or integrate it with other 5E resources, you'll be well prepared to unleash dynamic and dramatic action at your gaming table!

This gorgeous volume offers a solid 272 full-colour pages with over 100 beautiful illustrations from talented artists across the world. Anime 5E features a laminated hardcover with a durable Smyth-sewn binding that allows your book to easily lay flat and stay open to any page.

Inside the pages of Anime 5E, you'll find:

  • A flexible, point-based approach to character features that lets you acquire the specific elements you envision for your character
  • 14 new races that cover a wide range of anime archetypes
  • Guidelines and rules for playing characters other than medium-size
  • 14 new classes that offer incredible diversity in abilities and talents
  • Rebalanced standard Fifth Edition classes to level out character ablities
  • 70 wide-ranging character features (called Attributes), each with multiple ranks that expand their scope and utility
  • 36 character flaws (called Defects) that return points to your character so they can power up in different ways to compensate
  • 50 skill proficiencies that build upon the original Fifth Edition offerings and expand into numerous non-combat scenarios, talents and trades
  • A veritable treasure trove of combat enhancements and options, including called shots, critical hits and failures, tactical actions, range penalties, dramatic feats, and more
  • An innovative approach to calculating the Challenge Rating of monsters that considers their full range of features, abilities and talents - both in and out of combat
  • Dozens of example adventuring gear, items of power, and fascinating daily devices
  • Rebuilds of 14 standard fantasy monsters across the Challenge Rating spectrum

Anime 5E RPG Core Rules - Pocket Edition

The Anime 5E Pocket Edition is the ideal entry point into the game for players who are looking for a smaller, portable book format at half the price of the standard full-colour hardcover edition. Printed in the familiar manga-sized dimensions on a textured uncoated paper stock with paperback cover, the Anime 5E Pocket Edition weighs in at a hefty 384 black-and-white pages.

Most of the content from the regular hardcover edition is included in this alternate format - including all rules, races and classes, and monsters - using a slightly smaller font size and fewer illustrations. Chapter 12 (plus two brief designer note appendices) from the regular edition, which provides player and DM guidance, has been omitted to keep the page count (and thus cost) lower. Use the Anime 5E Pocket Edition solo as your primary game book, or as an additional inexpensive reference copy for your gaming table.

Anime 5E Game Screen and Adventure

This handy, 4-panel reference screen for Masters of the Dungeon features a one-stop location for important Anime 5E tables, wrapped in a stunning full-colour panoramic image on the front that expands the dragon lair Anime 5E cover image scene with additional characters and monsters.

As a bonus, inside you'll find "Carry on Wayward Son" - an engaging 32-page introductory fantasy adventure for 2nd - 4th level characters, written by Andrew J Lucas. The adventure incorporates aspects of a traditional dungeon crawl with pet monster tournament battles, familial intrigue, and political machinations. With gorgeous art and an intriguing story narrative, this Anime 5E Game Screen and Adventure is a must-have addition to your Fifth Edition anime RPG collection.

Anime 5E Character Folio

Some players desire more than a simple character sheet to present their creation. The Anime 5E Character Folio is the ultimate journal for detailing characters from any style of game campaign. The 24-page folio includes: a deluxe character sheet with expanded areas for abilities and descriptions; sections for detailing your character’s
features, talents, weapons, flaws, spells, items, companions, vehicles, treasure, dice situations, background, family, goals, and personality; and journal pages on which you can record your character’s profile, inner thoughts, group dynamics, secrets learned during each session, and other important game notes.

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