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Animal Adventures: Rat King Of Gullet Cove

Animal Adventures: Rat King Of Gullet Cove

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €23.50
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Face a whiskered criminal mastermind in your next tabletop roleplaying campaign! Surrounded by his cursed wererat minions, the cunning Rat King makes a tempting target as he sits on the shoulders of his hypnotised servant, Gripe. But you’ll need to take down his creation, the hideous Rataclysm, before you can get close to the King...

With these terrifying villains, you can explore the criminal underworld of Animal Adventures with the Secrets of Gullet Cove sourcebook*, or use them as enemies in any fantasy campaign. The only limit is your imagination!

*Sold separately

Inside this box you’ll find six fully assembled, highly detailed miniatures ready to paint or play.

  • Rat King and Gripe
  • Rataclysm
  • 4 Wererats
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