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Airbrush Cleaning Pot

Airbrush Cleaning Pot

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Normaalihinta €15.50
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €15.50
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An airbrush cleaning pot is a device that is used to clean the airbrush during and after use. It is a container that is specifically designed to collect and dispose of excess paint, airbrush cleaner, and other residues that are generated during the airbrushing process.

The cleaning pot consists of a main container with a filter at the bottom, which catches and separates any paint or other debris preventing any contaminants, acrylic paints, or solvents from being recirculated back into the air when using it. The container also has a built-in airbrush holder, which provides a convenient and secure place for holding the tool during the clean session.

To use it, just place the airbrush into the holder and spray into through the hole. The excess paint and other liquids will flow through the filter into the bottom of the container, leaving only clean fluid behind. The user can then repeat this process until is fully cleaned.

It is an essential airbrushing tool for any painter, as it helps to keep your painting tools ready and functioning properly. Regular washing is important to ensure that it operates smoothly and to prevent clogs or other problems that can impact the quality of the finished product.

Great for small, enclosed workspaces with minimal ventilation. 

1. Jar size: 7x9cm (H x Dia) (2.76 x 3.54 inch)
2. Color: Black, Gray
3. Weight: 14.6 oz / 414 g

Package Includes:
1 x Glass Jar
1 x Airbrushing Holder
1 x Pot Stabilizer
3 x Filter

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