Redgrass Everlasting Wet Palette: Painter

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Save paint & time : the paint won’t dry out during your painting session.

Start and stop at will: you can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days.

Achieve advanced technics: thanks to Everlasting stable hydration system, and our smooth surface, you will be able to perform advanced technics.

Easy to use: it works straight out of the box, everything was designed to enjoy your miniature painting!


Best hydration system

No overflowing No bleeding

Extend your space

The lid is a multi-purpose side tray


Master advanced painting technics

Start & Stop at will

You can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days

Worry free

Mold resistant foam, ABS case

Effortless setup

It works straight out of the box

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Everlasting wet palette painter (15x20cm)
  • 50 sheets of hydration paper
  • 2 hydration foam pads
  • 1 Wavy accessory
  • 1 strap band


  • Unique formula
  • No bleeding – No overflowing
  • Perfect to master advanced painting technics
  • Resistant
  • Cut to dimension


  • Mold resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Extra flat
  • Hydrophilic = can hold a lot of water
  • Works best with Everlasting Hydration paper sheets


  • 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint.
  • Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach WAVY 
  • Each waves can be used as a brush holder
  • Lefty and righty friendly
  • Easy cleaning