Ottoman Skirmish Set: European Provinces

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European Provinces Skirmish Force
Special Rules:
“They Filled the Mountains and the Plains”, “They are Poor Scouts…”, “The Morale is High”

The box contains:

Sanjakbey of the Ottoman Empire:

  • 1x Sanjakbey figure
  • 1x Standard bearer figure
  • 1x Musician figure

3 Alays of Sipahi:

  • 18x Sipahi figures
  • 18x Turkish horses

1 Alaya of Sipahi with lances and shields:

  • 9x Sipahi with lances figures
  • 9x Turkish horses

2 Light Cavalry units:

  • 18x Gonullu/Besli figures
  • 18x Light horses


  • 16x 3x4 bases
  • 14x metal spears
  • 3x sets of Turkish cavalry banners
  • 1x set of Turkish command banners