By Fire And Sword Revised Edition

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The Fire and Sword Rulebook is a 400-page full-color hardcover book. The book is printed on heavy paper and will stand up to extensive use. The Fire and Sword rulebook contains: The first supplement to the Fire and Sword game system containing the historical background, unit stats and army lists of the following warring nations from the 1648 – 1676 period:

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Kingdom of Sweden

Ukranian Cossacks

Ottoman Empire

Crimean Khanate


- Short stories introducing the history of the armies in the game

- Complete rules of the game with extensive illustrations, diagrams, and examples of play

- A painting and modeling tutorial which will help you prepare your miniatures for gaming

- Numerous skirmish scenarios as well as rules to play varied large battles

- Multiple illustrations of leading Polish graphic artists

- Photos of various reenactment groups from Poland and abroad

430 pages hardback.