Cook's Guild Launch Party Event 8.6.2019

Cook's Guild Launch Party Event 8.6.2019

The Cook's Guild Launch Party

AIKA: 8.6.2019 kello 12:30


ILMOITTAUTUMISET: Osta lippu ennakkoon ja käy kuittaamassa Sotavasaran foorumille.

HINTA: 10€

    The King's Pud? Lass, you're not familiar with that cup, then there's no hope for you. That battered piece of tin is older than any soul living, and most of the buildings and statues across the land besides. The name of the original king who commissioned it has long since passed from memory, just the same as his kingdom. Pah, the only thing that kept it safe during the war is that the bloody thing is nigh on worthless.

    But the prestige to win it? Ah, now there's a thing to be sought after, and savoured like a lean joint of venison. To a Chef, the King's Pud is more important than even the Sovereign States, and the rewards twice as lucrative. Usually it's only our own who compete for the cup, Chefs from all over travelling to the holder's demesne to compete. But, now we've found ourselves in the big leagues, the field is open to all. So, you'd bloody well better shape up, girl. I don't intend on letting anyone but our own get their filthy hands on the prize, and I won't be too happy even if another Chef crew does!

    - Wellington, Chef's Guild Team Captain


    Pelataan 4 kierrosta vaihtuvia vastustajia vastaan. Yhden kierroksen peliaika 1 tunti.


    All Coaches should bring a team of 6 models, including 1 [Captain] and 1 [Mascot] model. In addition, all coaches may bring 2 additional [non-Captain], [non-Mascot] models to form their bench. Before each game, coaches should decide which 6 models will form their team for that game (remember that 1 [Captain] and 1 [Mascot] are mandatory choices). Coaches who bring Blacksmiths should instead bring a team of 3 [Masters] and 3 [Apprentices]. Blacksmith coaches may also bring 2 additional models, which may be any combination of [Masters] and [Apprentices].


    • 40 Cook's Guild: Hell's Kitchen Launch Party Menu Cards
    • Top 6: Limited-edition Anternate Art Cook's Guild Player Cards
    • Top 2: Limited-edition Alternate Art Butcher's Guild Player Cards
    • Favorite Opponent: Limited-edition Alternate Sculpt Shank
    • Best Painted: Limited-edition Alternate Sculpt Tenderiser model

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