Warhammer Fantasy Battle: ORC-tober games

Warhammer Fantasy Battle: ORC-tober games

Orctober Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th ed.

Welcome to the dark and grim world of Warhammer Fantasy, a perilous place of mud, blood and hazardous magic casting. Remade popular again by the famed Total War series, Warhammer Fantasy Battles is back and yearning for fresh blood into its rank-and-file combat system. At Pelikrypta we are celebrating ORC-tober with a series of events featuring Warhammer Fantasy Battles. With each event we hope to entice new players to the game by offering a wide array of inhouse and private armies for use and give favour to the wide variety of tactics and armies. In addition, the events may hold a Mighty Empires Campaign, but this is to be decided at a later date.

Fantasy Battle Mastermind Stefan is behind these shenanigans with Krypta.

9th of October

This warmup day will feature a low point games. With players bringing 600pts armies to face one another in quick and easy to learn games. Pre-made 600pts armies will be set aside for new players to try, from Orcs and Goblins, Empire, Beastmen, Skaven and more. New players will be given the chance to learn directly from playing games supported with advice and support from veteran players. If enough attend the event, we hope to stage allied battles possibly having 2v2 games.

Army lists will follow 1.9 Errata Army Selection Summary, with Lords & Heroes up to 50% of lists. However, we strongly advise players to take funny, thematic and interesting lists, while refraining from overly tournament armies.

Therefore, each army needs a theme and a title to match, for example the Bretonnian Errant host of Prince Philip or the Skaven Technomancers of Warlock Skivick!

23rd of October

You rolled a one failing your animosity roll! And then you rolled a 2, looks like a squabble. On the first weekend of Orc-tober it’s a free for all. Players are encouraged to plan their own games and settle old scores!

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Well “failing your animosity roll! (not one, but 8 times a row sounds more like my previous game XD)”! I’m in and I can help also with new players to make a list etc.WAAAGH!!!
Jarkko Suominen

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